Gore defends Trump solar tariffs decision

Al Gore and President Donald Trump might disagree on many things, but the former vice president defended the Republican leader Thursday on his administration's recent decision to impose new tariffs on solar imports.


DHS sued over ‘racially motivated’ decision to rescind protected status for Haitians

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and NAACP Legal Defense Fund filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security over its decision to rescind the temporary protective status for Haitian immigrants.

As Cryptocurrency soars, African Americans don’t want to be left behind

Cryptocurrency has gained popularity since its inception in 2009, yet according to several studies, the typical miners and users are white, young, and male.

Screening for Postpartum Depression Is Not Enough for Some Mothers

Dorissa Vasquez, 25, thought often about how she could dispose of her newborn. “I would constantly fantasize about these awful ways that I could get rid of her permanently,” she said, sobbing. “Or even how I could get rid of myself. The most consistent one was ‘I can just throw her out the window.’”